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I'll pay for the shipping to the Continental US of A only. If you're ordering from anywhere other than the United States, drop me a line at tubaman60513@yahoo.com and I can calculate shipping and we'll take it from there


Any image from my galleries can be printed on canvas paper. the 13" x 19" size just seems to work best. The image will be printed 12" x 18" (approx.) which should leave you enough room to wrap the canvas around a wooden frame if you want to.

Larger Sizes of Canvas (and Paper) are also available. Bass Clef Creations owns a printer that can create up to 13"x19" borderless prints. For sizes above this, contact me at tubaman60513@yahoo.com and I can get you a quote.


There can be NO copyrite on images produced before 1920. It's basically "finders-keepers". Once the images have been "digitally altered" they become the property (and can thusly be copywrited) by the creator. A vast majority of the vintage images displayed on this site are from my personal collection. As collecting goes, so go these images and in the future I can't guarantee that I'll still own all these images. While the original may be owned by another, my digital work based off those originals lives on.


These are CD's of images I've come across during my wanderings. Most images on the CD are 72dpi and while they display nicely on your computer screen, sending them to a printer may produce small or inferior results. These images were culled from my years as a collector and are treed out on each CD to make sorting easier. Each CD comes with IRFANVIEW software and instructions to help you assemble a visual "slide show" of these images.

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